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Transparency Is The New Green – Michal Zrust, The Founder Of Lestari

2020 was an inflection point for ESG. A look around in the business world will show you that sustainability has become a mainstay on most companies’ corporate agenda. However, how many actually see it as a core principle of how business is run rather than a good cause that demonstrates social responsibility?

Partnerships For Forest – Sustainable Commodities Conservation Mechanism Overview (SCCM) (English)

Securing long-term funding for high-quality forest protection and restoration in South East Asia.

The Missing Link – How Blockchain Can Support Global Climate Action

The whitepaper is a collaboration for Sustainable Land Use, put together by Climate Advisers, Lestari Capital, and Lykke Corp, promoting the development of tracking and traceability mechanisms to support climate change.

Bridging The Gap: Integrating Markets And Conservation (Part Two) – Gabriel Eickhoff, Founder & CEO Of Lestari

In the first part of this series, I introduced the concept of the externality of production and discussed the importance of making the costs borne by nature for our economic activities a de-facto line item of doing business. This requires a fundamental reshaping of mindset both by businesses and consumers, and to implement changes is easier said than done.

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