Connecting Markets to Conservation

Our role in the environmental finance sector is to foster growth in the community of projects that conserve and restore our world’s ecosystems, by connecting them with responsible finance in the global marketplace.

We work with the agro-commodity and finance sectors to turn corporate sustainability commitments into action, through responsible mechanisms that finance forest conservation, peatland restoration and biodiversity protection.

Market Development

The Sustainable Commodities Conservation Mechanism (SCCM) helps companies meet an increasing range of sustainability certification and import market requirements. Our platforms connect projects with corporate finance to grow an ecosystem services market in Southeast Asia.

About the SCCM


The Lestari project portfolio includes projects on the forefront of tropical conservation, ecosystem restoration and community forestry. We work alongside local teams to deliver transparent and high-quality outcomes through performance-based payments.

Project Portfolio

Our Purpose
and Vision

Our company addresses the critical lack of finance for ecosystem conservation and restoration. We help forge responsible and systemic links between markets and conservation outcomes on the ground, by building new mechanisms to finance and grow the community of projects working to protect our global commons.

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