Lestari Capital at UN Climate Change Conference COP28

Lestari Capital’s Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Michal Zrust, and Chief Investment Officer, Alexander Hanrath will be speaking on various panels and events at the United Nations Climate Change Conference COP28 in Dubai over the next two weeks.

Amid the (valid) scrutiny of net zero carbon claims, critics sometimes overlook the fact that in order to address the biodiversity extinction crisis we need to fund more avoided deforestation— a lot more. And with avoided deforestation now in such contention, funding is falling rather than rising. Our solution at Lestari Capital is to harness funding from commodity buyers and producers into nature conservation, protecting forests, mangroves and peatlands in their supply chain regions to achieve gains for both climate and biodiversity.
Alexander Hanrath
Chief Investment Officer, Lestari Capital

With our partners Unilever, Nestlé, Procter & Gamble and PepsiCo, the Rimba Collective is on the way to protecting and restoring 500,000 hectares in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand. Now we’re looking to scale this initiative up further by developing a more standardised version of the Rimba Collective which will allow corporates to address the nature (land) footprint at scale. We will be presenting our plans at COP28 and would be very happy to speak with any like-minded corporates, funders and investors.

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Lestari Capital’s Participation at COP28 

Events that Lestari Capital will be participating in include:

Date: Sunday, 3 December 2023  
13:25 (UAE Time) 

Speaker: Alexander Hanrath, Chief Investment Officer, Lestari Capital 

Event Location: COP28 Singapore Pavilion 

Name of Session: Green and Transition Finance

Overview: Session highlights innovations for using blended finance to mobilise capital towards high impact target sectors in Asia.  
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Date: Saturday, 9 December 2023  

12:10 – 13.20 (UAE Time)  

Event Location: COP28 Indonesia Pavilion 

Name of Session: Shared Responsibilities and Benefits in Regenerative Forest Business Between Business Actors and Communities 

Format: Talk show and presentation 

Participant & Details: Michal Zrust, Founder and CEO of Lestari Capital will be sharing ‘Success Stories: Real-world Examples of Impactful Collaborations in Conservation projects in Indonesia’ using examples from Lestari Capital including Rimba Collective. Session moderated by Mr. Widharmika Agung, SYSTEMIQ.  


Date: Saturday, December 9, 2023  
16:00-17:00 (UAE Time)  

Event Location: COP28 UK Pavilion 

Name of Session: Money doesn’t grow on trees (or does it?): Lessons for financing the global transition to a sustainable land use economy 

Type of Session: Panel  

Participant & Details: Michal Zrust, Founder and CEO of Lestari Capital will be speaking on a panel with other speakers from the public and private sector. The event will begin with a keynote speech by the UK’s Minister of State from the FCDO, Andrew Mitchell and chaired by Wiwik Widyastuti from Partnerships for Forests, Palladium. 

Learn more about Lestari Capital: https://lestaricapital.com/what-we-do 

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