We partner with companies in their global transformation to sustainable economies by providing products and services that meet diverse market demands.

Corporations face increasing pressure from regulators, stakeholders and customers to deliver on increasing sustainability commitments, while the crisis facing nature, communities and the climate continues to grow. At Lestari Capital, we enable businesses to seize these opportunities and lead the way in the global transition to a sustainable economy.


Individual actions to address sustainability issues in supply chains are ineffective, inefficient and insufficient. We overcome these challenges through collaborations of companies to design, build and operate mechanisms that deliver company commitments at scale and over the long term. We focus on key principles of additionality, impact within and without supply bases and permanence, and we support custom-built project portfolios that deliver a range of environmental service outcomes.

Built around a unique finance model, Collectives support each individual company to deliver on its corporate sustainability objectives over the long term and at scale, protecting and restoring natural landscapes, and supporting people’s livelihoods, while also working collectively to achieve efficiency and scale.

Live and operational since 2022, the Rimba Collective comprises leading organisations in the palm oil industry. In its first year of full operations, the Rimba Collective secured 73,000 hectares of forest conservation projects, and we aim to protect or restore 200,000 hectares of landscape by the end of 2023. The Rimba Collective’s long-term goal is to protect and restore 500,000 hectares of forest and support 32,000 people in forest communities in Southeast Asia over 30 years. 

We are planning to adapt the Collective model to other commodities and geographies, working across sectors with global sustainability leaders.

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Solutions are tailored products that help individual companies meet a growing range of compliance and certification demands when delivering on their sustainability commitments. Lestari Capital supports companies in their compliance with multiple certification standards through compensation projects. We bring a high-bar of credibility and professionalism, ensuring that all requirements are delivered robustly and effectively.


Climate is project-first approach to the professional development and management of high-quality carbon credit portfolios for financial institutions, private equity investors and buyers. We use our deep and trusted relationships with developers to deliver conservation projects that produce market-ready Verified Carbon Units (VCUs). We support investors’ pipeline needs by sourcing projects early in the process, and we limit risk by building nature-based solutions into multiple investment portfolios.

Delivering for nature, communities and climate

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