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Rimba Collective – What is it?

Watch a short animation to learn more about Rimba Collective.

Watch the Rimba Collective Launch Presentation

Launch of Lestari Capital’s new “Rimba Collective” supply-chain platform.
April 8th, 2021

Press Release – Leading Palm Oil Players Aim to Deliver USD 1 Billion in Forest Conservation in Southeast Asia

Lestari Capital today launched the Rimba Collective, an initiative with the aim of delivering USD 1 billion to forest protection and restoration in Southeast Asia over a 25-year duration.

Compensation Mechanisms: Solving Legacy Issues to Create Long-Term Environmental Impact – Michal Zrust, The Founder Of Lestari

Certification systems for commodities such as palm oil, soy, timber, cocoa and others play an increasingly important role in driving commodity supply chains towards greater transparency, accountability and sustainability.

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