Conservation financed through market mechanisms

The Sustainable Commodities Conservation Mechanism: SCCM

Unlocking sustainable finance to protect and restore our world’s ecosystems, through a responsible mechanism built into global commodities markets.

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The Sustainable Commodities Conservation Mechanism (SCCM) is an environmental services marketplace that delivers long-term conservation impact.

The SCCM channels finance to a growing community of ecosystem restoration, conservation and community forestry projects that deliver impact for a minimum of 25-years.

Amid evolving market requirements and new pressures for sustainability, the SCCM offers efficient project identification and engagement for a wide range of private sector companies. Focused beyond just CSR, the SCCM facilitates compliance with sustainability commitments, certifications and import market standards that have conservation requirements.

Our team works directly alongside project teams to increase their potential for impact and longevity. We facilitate the certification process, perform operational gap analysis through our due diligence framework and conduct regular monitoring to ensure that private sector finance delivers verifiable and transparent conservation outcomes. Our work with projects ultimately helps them accommodate new, systemic demand for ecosystems services from a range of corporate actors.

The SCCM delivers proof of concept for our approach by supporting compliance with industry sustainability certifications, such as the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). These certifications open access to key import markets such as the European Union, which motivate participation.

At the core of the SCCM is a system of performance-based environmental service agreements, which offer flexible, tailored engagement with a diverse portfolio of projects at various stages of development. The SCCM leads market development efforts with each project to help them obtain the certifications and standards necessary to connect with new demand for environmental services.

The SCCM delivers transparent and verifiable outcomes, partnering with initiatives on the forefront of tropical conservation, ecosystem restoration and community forestry.

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The Path to Scale

The true potential for Lestari Capital rests in our ability to scale along with the emerging climate economy.

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We believe that sustainable market systems should include mechanisms to protect and restore the landscapes impacted by global supply chains. Within this context, we believe the core problem is not the lack of corporate sustainability commitments, but in executing upon those commitments effectively. Our company delivers value by adding transparency and verifiable, efficient conservation action to existing sustainability standards. We aim to take this approach to other sectors and regions, supporting those who advocate for conservation to be directly integrated into the operations footprint of each company, while providing an efficient mechanism for the private sector to act credibly on various commitments (with “No Deforestation” pledges, for example).

Ultimately, our greatest potential for impact is through growing our project portfolio by building our relationships with partners that have the capacity to launch or scale up conservation and restoration initiatives. For conservation actors, we deliver key market infrastructure to support a growing and diverse community of projects. The SCCM can help existing projects scale by expanding their area of operations, or by adding in new activities. The SCCM can also help position projects to tap into outside investment by offering a long-term guarantee of operational finance, which also can help secure additional sources of demand for ecosystem services.