Our Purpose, Vision and Values

Connecting Markets to Conservation

Our role in the environmental finance sector is to foster growth in the community of projects that conserve and restore our world’s ecosystems, by connecting them with responsible finance in the global marketplace.

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Our Purpose

Lestari Capital connects markets to conservation: we finance outcomes on the ground through ethical and efficient mechanisms, to support the adaptation of more equitable market systems.

Through partnership with commodities companies, financial institutions and supply chain actors, we develop and grow sources of demand for ecosystem services projects. Our work ensures that corporate sustainability standards and certifications have verified impact, while addressing a critical lack of long-term finance for conservation and restoration initiatives.

We are piloting this approach in Indonesia by developing a portfolio of high-impact conservation projects connected to financing from the commodities sector that will last for 25 years or longer. Our Indonesia portfolio enables compliance with the requirements of sustainable commodity certification bodies, such as the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).

Our pilot, the Sustainable Commodities Conservation Mechanism (SCCM) can accommodate a blend of public and private capital, providing a flexible platform that can facilitate compliance with the requirements of existing or future standards that enable companies to access increasingly discriminating global markets.

Our Vision

Our vision of success at Lestari Capital is a world where no ecosystem is left stranded and where every natural area is recognized for the value of the services it provides to both local communities and the global commons.

Our role in the environmental finance sector is to foster growth in the community of projects that conserve and restore our world’s ecosystems, by connecting them with responsible finance in the global marketplace.

We support collective efforts to weaken the market drivers of unsustainable land use change, along with efforts to redefine market rewards for companies that protect and restore vulnerable ecosystems in their area of operations. Our mission is to support this process through ethical and efficient conservation finance mechanisms and market development for high-quality projects.

Our vision is to support a large-scale adaptation of market systems, by fundamentally changing the cost and benefit of doing business for sectors that impact vulnerable ecosystems. For commodity actors, this means mitigating and, where stakeholders demand it, redressing environmental impacts. For projects, this means securing reliable, results-based finance to sustain their positive impacts on the ground. In doing this, we address two critical distortions in global markets, which are represented by each “pie piece” in the Lestari Capital logo.

Our Values

We are an advocate for ecosystems; including the communities that rely on them, and those working to protect them.

We lead by example to show that equitable market mechanisms can deliver lasting conservation outcomes

We seek ethical participation of the private sector in conservation

We seek to foster a holistic understanding of land use from the market to the ground, rooted in transparency

Our interdisciplinary background in conservation and finance leads us to recognize the importance of verified conservation outcomes.

Our work to promote efficient private sector investment in conservation does not, and never will, support or endorse “cut and pay” systems.

We acknowledge and defend the rights of the local communities that depend on our world’s ecosystems.

The Lestari Capital Team

An interdisciplinary team of conservation and finance professionals

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Gabriel Eickhoff

Gabriel Eickhoff

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Gabriel brings more than 15 years of experience designing and developing landscape protection and rehabilitation programs in Southeast Asia, Latin America and Africa. Gabriel’s range of expertise on policy, forestry and climate change issues at national and jurisdictional levels lends a strong contextual understanding of conservation finance that guides the overall strategy and direction of Lestari Capital. In addition to starting a successful forest conservation company with technical services in Indonesia, Laos and Vietnam, Gabriel has led the development of some of the first REDD+ programs in Asia. An economist by training, Gabriel blends his academic experience with fieldwork in biology and wildlife conservation to gain a better understanding of larger economic forces that affect our world’s ecosystems.
Michal Zrust

Michal Zrust

Co-Founder & Chief Sustainability Officer
Michal leads outreach and business development with the sustainable commodities sector, drawing on more than 10 years of experience working in the conservation, biodiversity and corporate sustainability space in Southeast Asia. Michal also leads the vetting and on-boarding process with partner conservation projects, drawing on years of field biodiversity conservation experience working with NGOs in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, including the Zoological Society of London. Michal sits on numerous technical working groups, for the Roudtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and High Carbon Stock Approach (HCSA) – a reflection of his strong understanding of the conservation challenges and priorities in Indonesia.
Gary Paoli

Gary Paoli

Strategic Advisor
Gary provides strategic guidance to Lestari Capital, drawing on more than 25 years of experience working on sustainability issues in Indonesia. Gary is a founding partner of Daemeter, a leading consulting firm in Indonesia, which provides smart solutions to policy makers, international institutions, NGOs and private sector clients. Gary holds a PhD in Biology from the University of Michigan and leads Daemeter's program in sustainable palm oil, combining research, outreach and training with diverse stakeholder groups.
Devan Wardwell

Devan Wardwell

Head of Resource Development
Devan leads the development of blended finance resources, including grants and impact capital. Devan also manages a growing communications team, drawing on more than a decade of experience building relationships between the public and private sectors to support climate action. With an early career as a fundraising manager for the humanitarian NGO Mercy Corps, Devan has seen climate risk emerge firsthand while working on adaptation and sustainable supply chain programming from West Africa to Southeast Asia. Devan has also managed humanitarian response communications in post-earthquake Haiti and served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Guinea, West Africa.
Tom Houston

Tom Houston

Legal Counsel
Tom is a veteran attorney specializing in environmental law. His extensive experience in government affairs and conservation policy is complimented by founding or C-level roles at a range of international organizations, which helps guide Lestari’s policy approach, contract development and government relations strategy. Tom’s Indonesia experience includes serving as Managing Director of Global Eco Rescue, a REDD+ development company with projects in Indonesia and greater Southeast Asia.
Bikram Chadhury

Bikram Chadhury

Chief Financial Officer
With more than 20 years of experience in Capital markets and Impact Investing, Bikram provides  financial  guidance on all of Lestari Capital’s work as the CFO. Bikram is a founding partner of Green Arc Capital Pte Ltd/Inclusion Capital Partners LLC, an investment firm that connects impact enterprises and capital markets for financial inclusion, climate and conservation programs. Bikram has served as Managing Director at Credit Suisse in Singapore, London, and Hong Kong from 2004 to 2017, most recently as the Head of Asia Credit Markets & Fixed Income Structuring. Bikram holds an MBA from IIM, Bangalore and a BA in Economics from Delhi University.
Pipit Djatma

Pipit Djatma

Indonesia Community Manager
Pipit leads social engagement for Lestari Capital, helping to create campaigns that raise awareness of forest conservation and sustainability issues. Pipit leads her own production house out of Jakarta, drawing on more than ten years of experience as a producer and marketing agent for artists and musicians. Pipit brings wide-ranging experience in nonprofit outreach and crowdfunding, which includes a strategy role for the hutan itu (This Forest) campaign to engage youth in environmental awareness activities. Pipit also provides fundraising and communications services for a range of nonprofit foundations, including those with programs to serve marginalized youth in Jakarta and promote breast cancer awareness.
Griffin Ichiba Hotchkiss

Griffin Ichiba Hotchkiss

Crypto-Economic Advisor
Griffin advises Lestari Capital on the evolution of the blockchain space and its potential to re-align incentives to protect the world's natural capital assets. His primary role is to research decentralized methods to sustain conservation outcomes, along with writing for our Medium blog which promotes the intersection between the blockchain space and the conservation community. Griffin draws on wide-ranging experience in Southeast Asia, both as a lecturer for the Singapore Ministry of Education and as a market analyst in Myanmar where he focused on emerging land use and supply chain trends. Griffin is also a technical writer for the Colony project, a protocol for decentralized organizations on Ethereum.

Environmental and Social Safeguards

What “Mission Driven” really means to us

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We strive to lead by example through our work, particularly by showcasing how ecosystem services can be equitably financed through market systems.

We also strive to raise the bar for quality conservation and restoration outcome through selection criteria that ensures each project has been developed according to best practices, has been independently audited and is endorsed by participating local communities and government agencies.

At the pilot stage of the SCCM, the processes by which we engage with both projects and private companies will be reviewed by an independent third-party, with the results published and incorporated into our ESG policy. Lestari Capital’s Environmental, Social and Governance Policy (ESG) guides our overall engagement framework, both within the company and with our clients, partners and project portfolio members.

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